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Nationally, the jet boat market is one of the fastest growing segments of the entire marine industry.  There are plenty of good reasons to justify this growth.  Up until 2014, Chaparral has focused most of it’s efforts on stern-drive powered boats, or I/O’s.  They have been extremely successful in this market as well.  In fact, Chaparral has been the #1 selling stern-drive boat in the 19′-33′ range for the past several years.  Chaparral saw the need for a premium-quality jet boat years ago, which led to the development of Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats.

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Jet Boat Manufacturers

If you are familiar with stern-drive boat manufacturers, you know there are many players in this market.  When shopping for an I/O, you will likely find 10-15 or more manufacturers to choose from.  This is not the case in the jet boat market.  For many years, there were basically just 2 main manufacturers of jet boats.  These two companies got their start in the jet boat market by producing personal watercraft.  This allowed them to transition into the jet boat market as they already had access to engines to put in their boats.  This all changed in 2014.

The Birth of Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats

Chaparral Vortex 203 VRX

Chaparral Vortex 203 VRX

Around 2013, one of the two main players in the jet boat market decided to focus their efforts in personal watercraft, and discontinue the production of jet boats.  This essentially left one company with the entire jet boat market to itself.  The beauty of this situation was that the company who decided to exit the jet boat market, but continue producing the engines (Rotax) for their personal watercraft (Sea-Doo), was willing to sell their already proven motors to Chaparral.  Chaparral, who was already clearly very experienced in building high quality boats, jumped on this opportunity and partnered with Rotax.

The Perfect Match

Some might say it was a match made in heaven.  Chaparral, who was the already largest manufacturer of stern drive boats in the 19′-33′ range, now had access to some of the most proven & highest performing jet-propulsion motors on the market.  Chaparral has been building premium quality boats for over 50 years.  They are known for their great construction, industry leading designs, premium materials, financial strength, & great dealer network.

Rotax Jet Propulsion (a BRP company) has been producing their 4-TEC engines for over 15 years.  BRP owns multiple companies such as Rotax, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Can-Am, Evinrute, and several more.  They have a great reputation of building high performance, premium quality products with a great service network.

The Final Product

VRX 243 Wakeboard

VRX 243 Wakeboard

Chaparral has never been the type of company to do anything halfway.  This held true with the Chaparral Vortex Jet Boat series as well.  Around the same time Chaparral introduced the Vortex series, a few other companies entered the jet boat market as well.  In an effort to get to the market quicker and cheaper, these manufacturers purchased old hull designs or modified existing designs to create their jet boats.  Chaparral took a different approach.

Chaparral designed the Vortex series from scratch.  The engineers at Chaparral knew that in order to create the best designed, best performing jet boats, they would need to build these boats from the ground up.  Jet boats require a different hull design than traditional I/O’s have.  In order to maximize interior space and features, they knew the interiors would have to be built from scratch as well.

Chaparral hit a home run with the final product.  The Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats’ performance exceeded everyone’s expectations in every possible way.  The same goes for the interiors, as these boats are extremely roomy and have some of the best cockpit designs on the market today.

The Chaparral Vortex Jet Boat Lineup

Chaparral Vortex Jet Boat Models

Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats entered the market with 3 different size models: 20′, 22′ & 24′.  These models are called the 203, 223 & 243/2430 respectively.  These boats are offered with two different packages which are the VR & VRX.  These packages are available with most of the same options & same engines, but target different buyers.

The VR package is a more traditional looking boat with just a few color options & a small sport graphic on a colored hullside.  The VR does not include a wakeboard tower, although it is optional.  Many are equipped with bimini top instead.  This model targets both the price-conscious buyer, and also a buyer who is not as concerned with watersports.

Chaparral 203 VR

Chaparral 203 VR

The VRX package features bold colors and graphics, and comes standard with the folding wakeboard tower.  This boat clearly targets the buyer who wants to stand out on the water, as well as the watersports enthusiast.  The price point is also higher, mainly due to the standard folding tower.

In 2017, Chaparral released the 2430 in addition to the 243.  This is essentially the same boat, except that it has dual captain’s chairs instead of the flip lounge seat on the port side of the 243.  The pricing is just slightly higher for the 2430 version.

Engine Options

Each Chaparral Vortex Jet Boat is available with several different engine options. The 203 is the only model available with a single engine package, as you can get either the 1.5L 200 or 250.  You can also upgrade the boat to a twin-engine setup with 1.5L 150’s.

The 223 & 243 both come standard with twin engines.  Base engines on the 223 are the 1.5L 150’s and you and opt for the 200’s or even 250’s.  Many boats are sold with the 200’s in this model.  The 243 comes standard with twin 200’s, and twin 250’s turn this boat into a rocket!


Chaparral 243 VRX

Chaparral 243 VRX

Yachts to Sea is proud to be an authorized Chaparral Vortex Jet Boat dealer.  We have had a great time selling and operating these incredible boats.  Our opinion is that the Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats are the best jet boats ever created.  They are built with the same quality and attention to detail you find in all other Chaparral Boats.  The interior designs offer so many advantages over the competition.  And most importantly, once you go for a ride on a Vortex Jet Boat, you can’t wipe the grin off your face!

If you would like more info on the Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats, stop by our showroom or give us a call at 888-369-4501.  We would be happy to give you a tour of these boats and take you out for a demo.  We call it the Vortex Challenge, and we know you will be impressed with the results.

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